The Importance Of The Apn Professional Development Plan

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The purpose of the APN professional development plan is to apply skills and knowledge attained for individual and professional growth. The professional development plan is a strategy to ensure the promotion of excellence in APN practice as well as a continuation to strengthen advanced nursing practice throughout the career. Creation of a development plan will help you advance in a particular goal, objective, or position. There is an ever-increasing need for APNs to keep learning and keep up with the rapid changes regarding legislation affecting health care policy, quality of and access to care, and issues surrounding advanced practice nursing. Therefore, it is critical to be proactive and take personal responsibility to develop skills for your own growth and development. New skills and knowledge augment motivation in supporting activities including communication, education, research, recognition, and advocacy. The educational requirement for advanced nursing practice is a master’s level education in a program or track leading to APN licensure, including graduate degree-granting and post-graduate certificate programs with established educational standards and attainment of the APN core, role core and population core competencies (National Council of State Boards, 2012). APN’s acquire increased knowledge in the sciences of anatomy, physiology, microbiology, chemistry, pathophysiology, and pharmacology. The core curriculum for the advanced practice role includes priorities in
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