The Importance Of The Australian Bill Of Rights

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The topic of whether Australia needs a Bill of Rights to protect basic Human Rights of all Australians or whether the existing laws within Australia provide adequate protection is a highly controversial topic with many different views debated throughout Australia. “Australia, alone amongst English speaking western countries, does not have a national bill of charter of rights.” – (Stimulus 2, The Australian Collaboration). Australia does not need a Bill of Rights as our the existing laws within Australia provide adequate protection of our basic human rights. Our existing rights could possibly diminish and frozen attitudes of the past would be enacted, meaning a Bill of Rights would be out of date to Australia’s new modern and eventually developing inclusive society. Judiciary would acquire too much power and with Judiciary often portrayed as conservative, this would not adequately provide protection for Australian’s basic rights. It is also very unlikely that a Bill of Rights would provide protection for everyone, including minorities in Australia that also spark controversy between Parliament and society. Australia does not need to spare such high and unnecessary costs to keep up to date with the rest of the world. Potentially if a Bill of Rights was drawn, laws enacted in it now would not be relevant In Australia’s forever changing societies forever. This would equal to more costs. A Bill of Rights would also not recognise the regional differences between different
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