The Importance Of The Banning Of Books In Schools

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A famous author once wrote, “The books that the world calls immoral are books that show the world its own shame.” Some may argue that the books, “Call of the Wild” and “Invisible Man”, are too vivid and too much for teenagers to grasp or handle. The books should not be banned from school districts because it shows how history repeats itself, how people and animals were and still treated like objects, and they acknowledge real life problems. Firstly, history is repeating itself with discrimination, whether it be because of species or race. Dogs are sold off and categorized into a place where they are viewed as less than what they are. In the “Call of the Wild” it says, “ ‘Dat dam ugly dog! Eh? How moch?’ ‘Three hundred, and a present at …show more content…

Dogs and other animals are abused everyday, this problem should be acknowledged to end the abuse. In the story it writes, “Be a good dog and all ’ll go well and the goose hang high. Be a bad dog, and I’ll whale the stuffin’ outta you. Understand?” (London 4) This indicates that dogs do not have a voice, but they should not be mistreated because of their lack of ability to stop the abuse they are receiving. Additionally, the book, “Invisible man” talks about incest and rape, and these problems should not be shunned because of their sensitivity, because they happen everyday. The author stated, “The book includes passages describing incest and rape” (Didn’t Find Any Literary Value 2). These problems do happen and it is important to know about these difficult situations to prevent them and to learn about the cruelty that people go through everyday. Others may complain that the topic is too vulgar and too much for teenagers. I disagree though for that younger people need to learn about these situation so that it is not alien to them and these matters of cruelty can happen to anytime to anyone. The relation between the texts is that the vulnerability of the topics is what stops people from reading but it is important to learn about sensitive topics.

All the reasons previously listed support using the books, “Call of the Wild” and “Invisible Man”, in schools. Some may say that certain books can scar people due to their young age. However, the books should not be banned because history is repeating itself, living creatures are treated unjustly, and because certain sensitive problems must be acknowledged to learn. Books can help people learn from what real experiences happen in the real world through reading about the troubles animals and humans gone and still go through and the cruelty of those

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