The Importance Of The Battle Of Midway

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Why was the battle of Midway so crucial? On the 4th of June in 1942 started the victorious win of the Americans that was soon to begin World War II! It was quite an amazing battle because the Japanese should have won, but the Americans out smarted them, hacking naval codes, being ready, and being where they needed to be at the right time. The Americans took down the Japanese keeping control of Midway. The battle of Midway between the Americans and the Japanese was the most decisive naval battle in history it was the turning point because it brought the Americans into the forefront of the war that eventually helped defeat Hitler.
The Japanese Threat During the time between Pearl Harbor and Midway, the Americans attacked Japan several times and Japan decided to strike back at Midway. Following Pearl Harbor, Germany announced war with America; however; it was not an instant arrangement, that is why Midway came first. Franklin Roosevelt, the president at the time, saw Germany as a bigger threat than Japan (Morgenthau &
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It was a battle between the Americans and Japanese that happened on the 4th of June in 1942. To the Americans their nemesis, the Japanese looked brave and vicious. There have been very few battles to match this one including the battles of Trafalgar, Salamis, and Armada, other than those few battles this was the most decisive naval warfare in history (Ballard, 1999). Because the Japanese had so many more forces, they were expected to win (Wildenberg,2006). Midway was selected by Yamamoto because he wanted a larger area to protect Japan, he figured it would be better for them because it is closer to Japan not America. He also knew that America would try to protect it with their aircrafts so they were prepared (Krasner, 2014). Although, Admiral Nimitz of the United States Navy said that the battle is what made everything achievable
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