The Importance Of The Black Death

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“Black Death has changed Europe forever in some many ways”

Black Death is a frightening plague that creates painful buboes and internal bleeding made the victim’s skin turn black. All because of this plague, Europe had to change their living ways because people living in Europe would have got annihilated by it. Europe changed forever their Infrastructure of the cities, arts were mostly about the Black Death and many people lost of faith in religion.

The horrifying plague, the Black Death firstly changed Europe’s architecture. As you can see, figure 1 is a part of a Medieval town that people is living with some modern additions, but it still illustrates us how narrow the streets are that sun can’t come in well. Giovanni Villani who lived in 1275 to 1348 has mentioned “The city was well laid out within, and constructed with many beautiful houses.” (Easton, pg 479) but he thought it was good, it wasn’t. Also “Town centres were dirty and smelly.”(Easton, pg 479) mentioning how it was in the short streets and that it was the perfect place for the Black Death or any plague to be and spread because it was the best condition of wild rats to live in the streets. Mostly “Rat fleas carried the plague bacillus-a type of bacteria.”(Senker.C, pg 16) and flees made the disease get spread around by jumping on to rats and infecting them, until the host cell of the rat died, they moved to another. When the rats died, fleas fed on the human beings and spread the disease to human. People
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