The Importance Of The Border Wall In The United States

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America runs on the belief that everyone should have a chance to live and experience the American dream. However, politics sometimes muddies the water a bit and hinders any chance of this happening for immigrants. Immigration control is a major concern and sometimes sheds a bad light on the people who cross into America this way. Some American people believe the best way to keep potential threats out the country is to build a wall, and that all their problems would stop there. What people don’t realize are the implications of this wall and everything that it be affecting as collateral damage. America is in economic turmoil as it is, a wall would just tip the scale into massive debt. At the source of all this is the human tendency to protect what is theirs, America is marking its territory but is…show more content…
One of the most divisive stories in the news today, literally and figuratively is the border wall that the Trump administration is trying to put up. Despite some of the more negative aspects of this plan, there is a silver lining to this wall. For one thing, immigrants cross the Border whether there’s a wall or not, and nothing is more disconcerting than trying to go about your day and having to bear witness to the victims of Border Patrol. Also, the Border Wall is attempting to slow down the rate of illegal activity and raise the level of documentation throughout America. Despite the fact that it seems stereotypical or narrow-minded to say that a lot of unqualified people are sneaking into the US, Daniel Horowitz made an excellent point when he said, “It has been said that no fence can stop the determination of illegal immigrants seeking job prospects or drug running and human trafficking opportunities.”( We can’t ignore the gracity of such a massive project; therefore, we must acknowledge the Pros… but in the same sense we must recognize the
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