The Importance Of The Civil Rights Movement

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Ever since the colonization and settlement of the Americas long before the United States was formed, the roots of social inequality for African Americans were planted deeply. For most of our history, it was commonplace for blacks to be treated as less than human or second class citizens. For hundreds of years, this was the status quo that they frustratingly accepted due to the lack of power in society. This oppression was all going to be challenged in the 1960’s, which would be known as the Civil Rights Movement, where many influential people, groups, and events would occur to bring justice to not only blacks, but the American society as a whole. The largest figure, Martin Luther King Jr, would lead his following in a fashion rarely seen before, where violence for change would be rejected, and peaceful protests leverage the minds of the people and the polices of government. While many remember him as a great leader who was able to make great strives for the black community, many question how far he was really able to advance blacks in today’s America. Seemingly every day, reports of black poverty, education, and targeted police brutality make us question the equality of blacks in the modern day. So, to see how effective the greatest leader of the Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King Jr, was in progressing African American rights, this paper will analyze his success in using nonviolent protests and civil disobedience to further African American rights. Civil inequality
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