The Importance Of The Communication Process Of Health Care Workforce

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Australia is a country that cultural pluralism is legally accepted and several linguistically diversified communities living as one nation. Therefore culturally competent and linguistically diversified health care workforce is a key factor to determine patient outcome, to enhance patient compliance and to reduce health disparities in addition to the quality of services and systems available in the country. Even though multiple definitions can be seen in literature review, the definition given by for Cultural and linguistic diversity (CALD) people is as English and non-English speaking communities from different cultures (Optus yes, 2015).These groups and individuals differ in their religion, race, language and ethnicity (Culturally and Linguistically diverse people, 2009).The effectiveness of the communication process of health care workforce with these multiple communities or individuals is decided by their cultural competency.

Mrs Romano’s case study is a best example of a worse outcome of lack of competencies shown by health care workers in managing CALD individuals at clinical is obvious this enrolled nurse has not taken adequate communication strategies unique to this situation to maintain an effective communication with her Italian client who cannot speak English, but holding equal rights to obtain a similar patient care received by a English speaking client with similar disease. According to Sheldon (2004), communication in a clinical setup is a process of

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