The Importance Of The Conflict Balancing The Ethical Standard For Working For Profit

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The relevance of the conflict balancing the ethical standard for working for profit or working for charity in the field of healthcare has become a great issue, because healthcare has become all about the value of doing good business with lots of profit. To some healthcare provider organizations they only take in patients that have insurance or the financial means to pay for services rendered. While in other cases you have organizations that serve all of the community. CCHC was presented with this issue because of its ethical manifestations. Organizations wanted to know how they can still keep profits up, and still help all of the community, or in the case of non-profit have enough revenue to pay for costs incurred (Andre, C. & Velasquez, M., n.d.). As a result there seems to be the growth of commercialization in health care where it seems that a competitive profitable market will bring on a more efficient and effective health care system. The opposing thoughts argue that injustice is being done on the poor patients, and nothing should keep them from getting the care they deserve (Andre, C. & Velasquez, M., n.d.). Based on the review of both for profit and non-profit organizations it appears that the system would work much better if the for profit would take on a % of charity work, instead of dumping all the cases onto not for profit facilities. By doing this an obligation of taking care of the community is spread around. The for profit organization will not have a free
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