The Importance Of The Death Penalty

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The death penalty has been around before the birth of the United States Constitution. The death penalty is a very conversational topic and is a deterrent of the worst criminal acts (murder, rape, and terrorism). Support for the death penalty has gone down in recent years from 1994 to 2014 support of for the death penalty dropped 20%. Kenneth Williams blames these key factors innocence, race, arbitrariness, incompetent lawyers, etc… ). For many decades the supreme court has tried to make adjustments to the death penalty by reviewing steps to reduce bias. The death penalty is no longer a popular choice among Americans. “The number of Americans who believe in the death penalty to be morally acceptable during this time period has gone from a high of 71% in 2006 down to 60% in 2014” (Williams, 2017, p.2). Furthermore, the author believes that innocent people who are wrongfully convicted of a crime can end up being given the death penalty. Williams is concerned because 4% of those sentenced to death are innocent. The author uses a really great case to make his point clear. Cameron Todd Willingham, who was convicted of arson that killed his three juvenile daughter was given the death penalty. “The state's case against Willingham consisted primarily of an expert’s conclusion that the fire was deliberately set and that because he was the only adult in the home at the time of the fire, Willingham deliberately started the fire (Williams, 2017, p.2). Before

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