The Importance Of The Doctrine Of The Separation Of Powers Essay

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The main objective of this essay is to examine and explain the importance of the doctrine of the separation of powers in the UK, and to also discuss the arguments concerning the necessity and the purpose of it. The separation of powers is a constitutional principle which limits the powers vested in any person or institution. This means that the power is divided amongst three essential institutions; the executive, the legislature and the judiciary. Each of these bodies should exercise their powers separately and any member of a branch should not be a member of another branch.

The separation of powers is a significant concept as it ensures that there is not an over-concentration of power by the three branches of government keeping each other in check, this also allows different responsibilities to be assigned to members that are most suited to control and handle those functions. The UK relies on the system of checks and balances to prevent abuses of power. However, there is not an absolute doctrine of separation of powers in the UK therefore, it may be argued that there is no need for the separation of powers. Further, it has been asserted that UK has a ‘fusion of powers’, which is largely facilitated by the overlaps existing in the functions of the institutions of the state and the personnel operating within them.

Britain 's concept of separation of powers is that the legislature, the executive and the judiciary branches each have their own responsibilities and so
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