The Importance Of The E Business Strategies

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This report analyses the importance of the e-business strategies Apple uses for its business. An investigation on how apple structures its e-business strategy in terms of planning, and how Apple control the organisation. Through this report, we will examine how Apple searches for its strategic methods and objectives via many aspects, whether it be customer demand or its fall of competitors.
The term business doesn’t completely consist of only retailing; businesses can function online. An e-business, also known as ‘electronic business’ is a web-based service provided by a business which enables an exchange of products/services; the electronic market focuses on the use of information technology to allow activities of exchange to businesses, individuals. E-businesses are essential in today’s economic climate for many reasons:
• Allows customers to browse and purchase on the go
• Quick and easy
However, with this, developing an e-business requires broad research and planning in order to be successful in the online market. Involved in this planning is the development of a solid and concise business plan and a focused marketing plan well before a website can be created. In addition, business goals have to be set as without these, it may become difficult to remain maintained and on track of the business without goals.

Where are we now? -> STRATEGY -> Where do we want to be?

The future direction and actions of an organisation supported by internal and…
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