The Importance Of The Electoral College

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The Electoral College plays a key role in elections. It’s a system were majority takes all in that state. For example, California is a state full of Democrats and some Republicans. Since majority of California is Democratic then California’s Electoral College vote would be to the Democratic running president. So the Republicans in that state who vote wouldn’t make a difference in the election because majority takes all. “The Electoral College consists of 538 electors. A majority of 270 electoral votes is required to elect the President” (National Archives and Records Administration).The purpose of the Electoral College is to elect the next president by getting 270 Electoral College votes. In my opinion, the Electoral College is not out of date. I live in California and I’m a Democratic. So my vote would technically already be in. But California wasn’t always a Democratic state. In the 1988 Election, California was a Republican state. Which was the year George Bush won. I think the Electoral College should be maintained because it’s a fair simple system to have. If the country feels that a certain person should be President then the majority Electoral College votes for a certain state will go to that person. Similar to the 2008 election, when Barak Obama became president. Everyone liked Obama and wanted to have the first African American president. So the majority of the U.S. states gave “Obama 365 Electoral College votes and John McCain 173 Electoral College votes”
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