The Importance Of The Electronic Health Record Implemented For A Private Family Medical Practice Essay

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 Effective use of EHR Melissa Hernandez The purpose of this research is to better understand the advantages and disadvantages of the Electronic Health Record implemented for a private family medical practice. Ensuring the providers of the implementation of the use of electronic medical records. Meaningful use, interoperability, and health information exchange will be some examples of implementation. I. INTRODUCTION Over the years, Health information technology (HIT) has been drastically developing and new technologies are becoming more effective. Electronic Health Records (EHR) is one of the new forms of technologies that is being implemented. EHRs is where healthcare professionals are able to access the electronic version of a patient’s medical history. It may include demographics, progress notes, medications, vital signs immunizations and more. EHRs is the next step to strengthen relationships between all healthcare providers and their patient’s. We want to achieve meaningful use. In order to see how EHR’s are effective and being implemented we must see it being used in a specific setting. A specific setting, we will focus on in this research will be a family medicine practice for the use of EHR. A. EHR Functionalities According to the Institute of Medicine (IOM), there are 8 standard functions of EHR’s that we should focus on. The 8 standard functions are in table [1]: Category Function Health Info/Data Auto save/review Result Management Manage all test
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