The Importance Of The English Language

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Did English achieve its world-wide status because of its linguistic features; in other words, because it is more logical, more expressive, simpler or perhaps has a more richer vocabulary than other languages? The answer to this question is no, English did not achieve its world- wide status because of such reasons, it was not the language that was the cause but more the people who spoke it, more accurately, discovered, conquered, traded, influenced and spread out their culture which their mother tongue belonged to. This culture and society was that of the British Empire. However, one contributing factor to the spread of English that is caused by the language itself, is its ability to inherit words from other languages and cultures, whilst also being able to vary from country to country whilst still maintaining its English title.

The British empire’s mother tongue is English, with this being the case, wherever the British empire travelled or expanded to, English would follow. A major example of this migration of
English away from the British Isles was the colonization of America. Before officially becoming the United States of America, English was the most commonly spoken language, so when the founders understood the importance of language for national Identity, English being the more common of the many languages that were being spoken during the time, was chosen. Afterwards, an act that would fully cement English as the USA’s national language, was the forbidding of any
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