The Importance Of The Female Egg For Reproduction

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Abstract From Aristotle and Plato studying animals. To 1653 William Harvey discovering the importance of the female egg for reproduction. Anton Van Leeuwenhoek in 1678 used the microscope to identify sperm as a seed. Elizabeth Osgood Goodrich Willard came up with the term sexology and opened to the research to understand sex in a whole new level. In this paper we will learn about a couple different sexologist and how they did the research on sex. Keywords: Havelock Ellis, Kurt Freund, Richard von Krafft-Ebing, Masters & Johnson 1897 Havelock Ellis reflected his view of gays and lesbians as having an inside out, or inverted pattern of erotic attraction. Ellis had a desire to investigate the nature of sex. He needed to have a physiological understanding of humanity before he turned his attention to the psychology. Ellis was determined then to become a physician. Despite his training Ellis never made the practice of his medical training central to his professional life (Bering, 2013). One of this sexologist’s most important contributions was his clarifying that homosexuality is a psychological orientation, not simply a random sex act or behavior involving the same sex. He didn’t personally believe that gay and lesbians were perverts, but he used this term to convey how religious moralist wrongly saw homosexuals and other deviants as deliberately going against what is right, since for hundreds of years before it ever connoted anything sexual, pervert was an epithet
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