The Importance Of The Film Incentive Program

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On Friday July 10, 2017, Governor Rick Snyder signed a bill into law that effectively discontinued the film incentive program in Michigan. While the state will keep the Michigan Film Office for the time being, this is a major hit to a budding film industry. Since 2007, the incentive program helped to attract the production of Hollywood films to Michigan. Notable films produced while the program was intact include Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and the Transformers franchise. In a news release concerning the new legislation, Governor Snyder noted that the while the program will no be active, Michigan still has much to offer to the film industry. The states film office will continue to assist those looking to film in the state.…show more content…
He changed the program to be a cash based incentives which would cap at $25 million. Some view the discontinuation on the program as a lack of support for creativity in Michigan. There are many beneficial reasons for incentive based programs to be used in the state of Michigan. While many may view them as some useless program, there is much upside to have them. For example, these programs support local film makers, make locations more desired, create jobs, work well on a credit based system, and provide a competitive advantage. On the subject of supporting local film makes, in response to Michigan eliminating its incentive program, local filmmakers were highly upset. One filmmaker stated "they don't care about what we care about as creative people, as entrepreneurs, as artists, as people who are trying to make a living.” (Egan, p. 1) While the state did what they felt was right, discontinuing the program created friction within the film making community. One of the states key jobs is to provide for all citizens. By stopping the program, this does not happen. Much like any state, Michigan seeks to become a more desired location on the national scale. The entertainment industry, is one of the key ways to do so. In the reading “The Great Convention Center Bailout,” this is exampled. The author states “It’s no surprise then that cities compete so fiercely for business. The nation’s largest convention centers in
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