The Importance Of The First And Second Language Acquisition

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First and second language acquisition have been a topic of interest in linguistics for decades. Researchers have been approaching these topics from many points of view, angles, and models (Gass, 2013). Regarding second language acquisition, and especially English as a second language, the most researched topics include the effects of the Critical Period on second language learners, age of acquisition, age of onset, and individual differences (i.e. L1, motivation, aptitude) (Gass, 2013). Even though it is possible to find a wide variety of research on L2 acquisition, researchers are still debating on which elements affect learners more. Furthermore, while there is plenty of research on gender differences in the field of first language acquisition, there seems to be a lack of studies on said topic in regards to learning a second language. For said reason this research paper will focus on gender and first language influences on English as a second language acquisition, with the goal to comprehend whether one, both or neither of those factors contributes or hinders L2 acquisition and why. Furthermore, the current research paper is a follow up of Chiamenti (2016).
Literature Review
Second Language Acquisition As previously said, there has been plenty of research in the linguistics field about second language acquisition. However, most studies focus on ESL writing or on Asian ESL students’ abilties. As far as my knowledge goes, there seems to be a lack of research about European
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