The Importance Of The Global Environment

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Sooner rather than later, the human population must declare that the Earth has fundamental rights, to live without the global environment rapidly deteriorating and we need to link together to solve this issue instead of separately. Our dear planet Earth is fundamental for our survival. However, humans are only a fraction of the Earth’s population. The Earth does not need us to continue on, but we need the Earth. Our Mother Earth has been around for billions of years before humans were ever created. Humans have only been around for a couple thousand years. Yet, how is it that humans have made the quality of the global environment one of the most predominate issues that face international politics every single day? Robert Redford’s words are as true today as when he spoke them, especially with the recent news over the Paris Climate Agreement.
I recently interviewed several Indiana residents over their view on the global environment, paying particular attention international politics. When asked “Do you believe the issues pertaining to the global environment should be focused on more in international politics?”, one resident’s response stood out in particular to me. Emily Tauber, a student at Purdue University double majoring in Wildlife and Forestry stated, “I do. The environment is something that affects all of us, regardless of what country we live in. The entire world should be focused on the health of the global environment because the state of the environment is a huge
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