The Importance Of The Global Village

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Global village is the most universal definition in relation to globalization. Such that, the term “Global Village” is used as a language to describe the internet/ web and how it connects with the social world today. Living in a persuasive media environment promotes a vision of global imagery. Thus, this helps form a single community which is linked by telecommunications to create a universal understanding amongst people. Media has become reliant to many individuals through-out the time technology has been introduced. Although we are subconsciously unaware of the media we consume each day, the hours used a day is impeccable, for example think of the background music while getting dressed each morning, Tv while you fall asleep, PowerPoints viewed in presentations, surfing the internet through applications and social media sites and more. Marshall McLuhan believed that media is making the world smaller and as a result it brings people closer together (Quintero Johnson, J. M. (2016a). Defining the global village. COMM 200: The New Media Society. Lecture conducted from the University of Massachusetts Boston, Boston, MA).
Persuasive media is often viewed as media that is misleading, exaggerated, makes false claims/news and its purpose is to attract the public into believing these statements thus gaining popularity towards the information given to the public (Quintero Johnson, J. M. (2016a). The persuasive media environment. COMM 200: The New Media Society. Lecture conducted from
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