The Importance Of The Great Gatsby Essay

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Why should high schoolers be forced to read a book that isn’t interesting to them? Often times they either do not apply to real life situations or even teach anything that a teenager would understand. So, the high schooler skims through the book and does not pay attention to any detail. High school classrooms need better books that can teach history in a fun way, and add some interesting things to which students can reflect and think on. A book read in high school, should allow the students to think critically about the text they are reading, should include some references to history, and incorporate themes that are understandable and relatable to a high school student’s life. This makes a book want to be read as well as enjoyable. The…show more content…
He wants closure about what happened between them. Daisy confronts Gatsby about an affair she had with Tom, and he doesn’t even care at this point because what they had was ‘real’. She claims to love them both but she decides she wants to go back with Gatsby and not her husband. On her way back, she accidently kills a woman on the side of the road speeds off with Gatsby’s car. Gatsby gets blamed for the death and the husband of the woman shoots him. No one attends Gatsby’s funeral but Nick. This goes to show Gatsby really had no body in his life, and his own true love whom he did everything for, didn’t love him equally. Throughout the whole book, Fitzgerald points out that Gatsby was living his American dream, but because his dream was Daisy, he was living his dream out of fantasy not reality. A novel read in high school, should allow the students to think critically and actively engage in the texts through their own interpretations. The Great Gatsby does just that by including symbolism which allows the students to think deeply and go one step further about what they are reading. Fitzgerald offers many opportunities throughout the book to teach symbolism to high school students, to which they can support on their own. In “The Great Gatsby in the Classroom: Not Just Because It’s a classic” Prosser quotes Norris and says “ Fitzgerald achieves both Nick’s and the readers troubled repulsions in the world of Gatsby by producing
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