The Importance Of The Guidance Counselor Is Record Review

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During the past five weeks, I have been at Lumberton Elementary School. While working at Lumberton with the school guidance counselor, I have completed numerous activities. One of the main duties of the guidance counselor is record review. This is a process that is not normally completed by the school counselor, but with Lumberton being a small school the counselor must work on it. Reviewing records means that we are ensuring that each student’s registration packet has been completed and has been put into a computer system correctly. After reviewing records, we break off into delivering birthday cards to students who have birthdays on that day. Throughout the day we are reviewing records until it is time to visit a classroom or work with…show more content…
I am very soft hearted and I will have to learn not to take some of the things I hear about the children home with me. When talking to children that have bad home lives, it breaks my heart that they have to deal with some of the things that they do. I need to learn not to show some looks on my face when speaking with them and that I need to keep a rested and relaxed face. I have also learned that School Counseling may be a degree I wish to pursue. I am currently torn between two master programs that I would love to do. Lumberton is a diverse town. I have learned that Lumberton contains many low income families and is very small. My co-workers are very helpful to work with. I have learned that patience is an important factor when working with others. The number one thing I have noticed that people get irritated at is when they can 't have something done right at that moment. As the Elementary Counselor, we have to be patient with the children as well. We work with kindergarten to grade 8. We have to take into consideration the appropriate age material when working with the different grades. The children are wonderful. They have been pleasant to work with and help. At my site, communication is key when getting your work done. I have communicated with each coworker I come in contact with that has given me a task to do. I ensure that I understand what it is that I need to be doing, then I begin the task. When dealing with
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