The Importance Of The Health Care Industry

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The purpose of the health care industry is to promote health, to heal, to provide treatment, and to increase the quality of life of the individuals that are being served. Each medical professional has chosen to pursue a career to help mankind, in a selfless act and without self-interest. The industry has developed into a complex and complicated system with numerous outputs and inputs involved and stakeholders by the millions, that are all accountable in some way or another on how the industry is sustained, developed or grows. The following report will reveal collaboration efforts that can be utilized in an organization, various ways of encouraging providers and other medical professionals on becoming leaders when enhancing the level of…show more content…
In health care organizations, numerous patients are seen for a wide variety of medical problems and complications, but in the communities there are certain concerns that are more problematic and concerning for the public in that area, which may need direct attention and resources directed to obtain optimal results with patient improvement. Organizations need to move forward with transparency and working together to create equality as suggested through the works of the ACA and the American Hospital Association (AHA); these attributes may be applied to any health care organization (Barbour, 2015). Planners and researchers need to work together to achieve the shared business goals and to fulfill the purpose (Barbour, 2015). Encouragement There are many ways to encourage physicians and other medical professionals to enhance the quality of care and improve business and patient outcomes. One way a hospital or large corporations can improve their stances in medical care and decrease competition is to directly hire physicians with added bonuses rather than contracting them with added bonuses or other incentives (Anonymous, 2007). Directly hiring physicians, decreases the headaches endured with maintaining and operating a private practice plus creates a stronger market power and collaboration between professionals. Hired physicians will have access to more efficient equipment, supplies and
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