The Importance Of The Hollywood Star System

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There is no doubt that Hollywood is an industry based on selling movies and what sells movies better than the marketing of a Hollywood star. An actor or actress can not only make movies successful, but in addition their images are also profitable. The Hollywood Star System has been very profitable for Hollywood and contributed to saving Hollywood in the late 1920s and 1930s when studios found it financially hard to survive. Once Hollywood realized their star’s had financial power there was no stopping the lengths they would go to in order to sell their star’s persona.
The Hollywood Star System originated during the Studio System in which actors and actress were signed to long-term contracts with the studios. Moreover, studios understood that the actor’s public persona was profitable. Studios invested heavily in the actor’s public image or persona that they wanted the public to perceive. Studios had contractual morality clauses that outlined an actor’s behavior so as to not tarnish the image that the studio was promoting. Therefore, the star system was an economic boon to the studios and this style of contract system lasted from the 1920s to the early 1960s (Star, 2017). However, this left the actors feeling more like a commodity, than actual people or employees, which created a contentious relationship between the studios and the stars that represented them. This atmosphere often led to “public power struggles”, when actors challenged the studios in an attempt to have
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