The Importance Of The Internet

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Social media has become a huge and important part of our lives in recent years, it has become so important that it has been used in jobs and education. On the other hand, social media has also caused controversy because people have used it to express their opinions and beliefs that other people might be against. In the essay “The Loneliness of the Interconnected” the author Charles Seife explains how the Internet has caused us to isolate ourselves in our own world with ideas that support our beliefs and people who have similar values and biases.For example, Charles Seife states, “The Internet is helping us preserve our mental landscape from the weathering effects of information. We are becoming even more resistant to the effects of uncomfortable facts and ever more capable of treating them as mere noise”(Seife 292). In comparison, the essay “Inequality: Can Social Media Resolve Social Divisions?” by author Danah Boyd discusses about her experience of working with American teens where she learned how the use of social media supports many patterns of segregation in the non-virtual lives of most Americans. In the essay she states, “The Internet was believed to be a great equalizer where race and class would not matter because of the lack of visual cues, but instead the same biases that configure unmediated aspects of everyday life also shape the mediated experiences people have on the Internet”(Boyd 307). Both Charles Seife and Danah Boyd discuss the problems of isolation and
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