The Importance Of The Juvenile Justice System

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Juvenile justice system is important because it gives young offenders a second chance at life and to give them a better future. The main goal for the juvenile justice system is to rehabilitate young offenders. The juvenile justice system has grown and changed heavily since 1899, when the nation’s first juvenile court was established in Illinois. Today’s juvenile justice system still maintains rehabilitation as its main goal and distinguished itself from the criminal justice system in important ways. I am going to talk about ways the juvenile court system can make changes, how can the changes be supported in the society, can we learn anything from the way other countries respond to the juvenile justice system, and what are the rehabilitation techniques available for helping juvenile delinquents? Youth offenders are ordered by the seriousness of their issues, including submitted offenses, hazard level to open security and individual administration necessities. Adolescents are imprisoned or put under close supervision, following the shortfall based model of crippling, prevention and requital, and restoration. In any case, the framework has nearly analyzed its concern centered outline and started rolling out improvements towards a more positive perspective of youth. As opposed to concentrating on what isn't right, a few groups' projects have begun concentrating on what is correct. By perceiving qualities and giving other options to criminal exercises, numerous groups are
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