The Importance Of The Land Of Opportunity In America

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Land of Opportunity for Everyone. The United States is a very diverse country, which makes it the most unique out of every other place in the world. What helps this wonderful country of opportunity become what it is to this day is because of the immigrants who traveled here. Coming from a family of immigrants I know first hand what my grandparents and parents had to go through to earn the life they gave me today. Immigrants are an important part in our society. They do the work that most people don’t want to do. As in, work in factories, construction sites, and on farms. Immigrants help run a high demand country, so why get rid of them? They have a purpose here. Everyone around the world knows that America is the “Land of Opportunity”. People work so hard just to come here and start a new life. They all want to experience the “American Dream”. To us, this is a normal lifestyle. If you look at immigrants situations closely, you see their country’s trouble and how over there they have it much worse. Wouldn't you want to give them an opportunity where you and they know is better? So many countries in Europe are having a hard time and people want to escape that and move to the States to start fresh. My grandparents moved to Chicago from Poland when my mom was 19. They worked tremendously hard to make enough money to make sure they were set for the future. They are lucky that they got to come here and turn their life around and make sure that my brother and I didn’t have to

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