The Importance Of The Magna Carta

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The Magna Carta is Latin for greater Charter and all though now known as such, was not mentioned by King John or the any of the barons during 1215. The name Magna Carta was instead slowly and gradually used to describe the document King John had agreed to. The reason for the use of greater charter was due to a need to separate two different charters that had been created. After King John had passed his son Henry III ascended to the throne and to help gather support he released another charter, though very similar to his fathers. However, along with this new charter he also released another separate charter with it, known as the charter of the forest. With the releasing of these charters also came with it the first known use of Magna Carta separating the smaller forest charter from the more important or greater charter. Nevertheless, it wasn’t until the Magna Carta was confirmed again in 1297 and 1300 that the name finally was it is known as today. This is impart due to the increase in use of the term by King Henry III and King Edward I during their re confirming of the charter. However, this Manga Carta represented Henry III’s not King John 1215 charter. It was not until 1571 due to the publishing of Chronica Majora at which finally Magna Carta described, in the eyes of the historians, King John’s charter from 1215.
2. From the point of view of a practicing historian, what kind of people appear to be very important figures for our understanding of medieval history?
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