The Importance Of The Media

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With the fantastic spur both in industry and economy in the world, the spread of media is on the rise. In general, ‘media’ refers to the implement of mass communication, it consists of newspaper, magazines, television, the internet and so forth. There is a huge amount of media users around the world which means the number of audiences is large. As generally acknowledged, nowadays, the spread of news, entertainment has a rapid speed through the media and mass communication. The public opinions and thoughts can be easily affected by the spread of media, also, mass communication of the news media may provide some bias and prejudice of the news. In this sense, to have a powerful communication tool, the agenda setting theory demonstrates that it is better if shaping the various news in order to create a moral society (Kiousis and McCombs, 2004). In general, agenda setting describes the effects of the media on the general public, the ability to choose important issues (Moon 2011, p.699). The sense of agenda setting has been deeply accepted by the public a long time ago. In 1992, Walter Lippmann (1992), a newspaper columnist, argued that the mass media has the ability to produce images of events that can be present to the public. Since 1948, Lazarsfeld and Metton (1948) acknowledged that the function of the press to give specific status upon events it emphasizes. Till 1959, Norton Long (Long 1958) also illustrated that media will grasp specific attention from the public on certain
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