The Importance Of The Millennial Generation

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A generation with missing pieces. It is said that the Millennials have a certain feeling of entitled now a days. This all has to do with the bubble we have created for our millennials that once they have to go out too reality they lose themselves. We have let them believe that just because they want something they can have it, but we have not shown them the skills of how to work for it. Our millennial generation does not have the same principles and ethics that were instilled on previous generations. I agree with Sinek. The parenting structure we have created for our millennials is one of the reason for their self-interested entitlement. The impact technology has in our millennials daily lives. Millennials are in such a rush to make and…show more content…
This puts a strain on the rest of the staff, having to work harder to pick up her slack. Millennials depend so much on technology that is consumes their daily lives at times. They focus more on how many likes or followers they have then on what is actually going on around them. Social media has made it to where there are no filters on people or things. We know depend on technology for most daily tasks, from using our phones as our alarm clocks to our watches telling us when to stand up and walk around. We know run to social media to announce our proudest moments and to express or deepest sorrows. Sinek said “When significant stress begins to show up in their lives, they’re not turning to a person, they’re turning to a device, they’re turning to social media, they’re turning to these things which offer temporary relief.” Sinek is stating that millennials find comfort in the not important means of social media. Weather good or bad things happen they first run to social media instead of family or friends. Some have removed face to face interactions with society. Unfortunately social media can be a cruel environment for our millennials. Social media has not filters, and just as easy as they can bring us joy they can also bring us sorrow. This supports my opinion because our millennials are a generation of technology. I have been at many social gatherings, and I am more worried about taking pictures or videos
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