The Importance Of The Millennial Generation

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The millennial generation’s “sensitivity” has been the pinpoint of many jokes and is also escalating in daily discussion. We live in and day in age where people can’t express opinions without some millennial feigning outrage in social media, needing a “safe space” to hide, marching in caricatures of female genitalia, and even rioting to suppress opposing views while promoting their own. Such millennial behavior is grossly hypocritical in a country established on the freedom of speech. Millennials favorite topics to rage against are race, religion, immigration, gender, values, and even bathrooms. Rage is fashionable with this generation. Growing up, we were awarded for simply trying, which depleted our ability to build inner strength and character. This may be attributable to our sensitivity now-a-days. As a 20-year-old millennial, I fall right into this group of people I am criticizing. I am embarrassed and humiliated, not offended – and yes, there is a difference. Millennials are the sensitive generation, not because of sincerity, but because of our entitled mentality. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, there are multiple characterizations of the word “sensitive.” To prove millennials are indeed the sensitive generation, I would like to focus on three specific classifications. For my first criteria, I will be highlighting millennial’s emotional susceptibility, “Very susceptible to, or readily affected by, emotional or aesthetic impressions” (sensitive, adj. and
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