The Importance Of The Parables Taught By Jesus

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The goal of this short essay is to provide an exegesis of Matthew 13:44-50. In particular, I will discuss the relevance of the parables taught by Jesus in this passage in the light of today’s situation. My argument shall develop around Matthew Henry’s intuition that the expression ‘Kingdom of God’ can be referred in some way to Jesus Christ himself. Accordingly, with the help of contemporary exegetes, I shall argue that these parables call us to uncompromising discipleship, and to give priority to following Christ over and against any other thing. To be a follower of Jesus calls for a lifestyle which escapes the patterns of the world, and this is clearly articulated by Matthew in this passage. This is particularliy relevant, especially…show more content…
As counterintuitive as this may sound, I believe that there are good reasons to accept Henry’s reading of this passage. According to R. T. France, ‘the essential key to all Matthew’s [the apostle] theology is that in Jesus all God’s purposes have come to fulfilment. This is, of course, true of all New Testament theology, but it is emphasized in a remarkable way in Matthew.’ Of course, God’s purposes come to fruition through Jesus and his ministry. Specifically, argues France, Jesus’ mission was that to establish God’s kingship. In this sense, the phrase the Kingdom of God points to God being ‘in control,’ and the goal of the parabables of Matthew 13 is to depict ‘in a variety of contexts what happens when God has his way, when his will is done and his purpose fulfilled.’ Hence, the fruition of all of God’s purposes results in his kingship being established over creation, now rescued from sin and from Satan’s influence. Regarding the variety of ways in which Jesus speaks about the Kingdom, France warns us concerning the immense breadth of meaning that the phrase ‘the Kingdom of God’ can cover, and how attempts to
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