The Importance Of The Parent-Child Relationship

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The parent’s predominate and most important role within the parent-child relationship is the role of teacher. A parent is the main socializing agent. He or she teaches personal integrity, self-determination, interpersonal skills, and core values from an early age (book). Primary parenting functions include ways of interacting with children to meet their needs (Bigner & Gerhardt, 2014). The initial lessons that parents share with their children are taught with the hopes of them becoming inherent. Although the lessons parents teach may evolve based upon the developmental age of their children, the responsibilities of parents remain. From the time children are born, parents are held accountable for the socialization of their children as well as meeting their physical and basic needs, supporting the child emotionally, and communicating with them (Bigner & Gerhardt, 2014).
The Parent-Child Relationship Over the Life Course Over the life course, children will develop and grow as the essential encouragement and support evolves as they mature. Parents must be able to adapt their relationships to continue to provide the support their children require. Several theories can be applied to understand the parent-child relationship, some describing the changes in the relationship over time (Bigner & Gerhardt, 2014). The Developmental Interaction Theory describes the six stages experienced by families in the “evolution of one’s parenthood role observed in individuals as they grow and
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