The Importance Of The Proper Amount Of Education

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When the topic of what is the proper amount of education is necessary to becoming a caring and competent early educator comes up, I just have to laugh. In all honesty, there is no amount of education that will ever prepare a person for this type of profession. Don’t get me wrong, but the classes that I have taken and currently attending will only give me the foundation when I finally step foot into this field. The information in my textbooks lay down the recommended standards of being a professional educator. Within these recommended standards topics such as ethics, morals, diversity, etc all come up. In my opinion, it is very important for all early childhood educators to be naturally caring. If one chooses to work with young children, no book can teach you how to be caring. There could be guidelines that can help direct a person on the different techniques to become a caring early childhood educator. Caring is a natural reaction/function within a person. We would hope that all early childhood educators are caring, but many times we will run into a very small percentage of educator’s that, well let’s just say, they have lost their “caring” drive. I am positive if this happens it can be reversed. It might take a collegue reminding them of how much inspiration he/she has made a difference to those children they interact with on a day to day bases. It could also be a reminder of how many young lives that where forever changed by their caring actions they
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