The Importance Of The Right To Privacy

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However, the Court also cautioned in the same case that the right to privacy is not absolute. The right to privacy does not bar all incursions into individual privacy. The right is not intended to stifle scientific and technological advancements that enhance public service and the common good. It merely requires that the law be narrowly focused and a compelling interest justify such intrusions. Intrusions into the right must be accompanied by proper safeguards and well-defined standards to prevent unconstitutional invasions. When a certain technology is used for legitimate reasons coupled by adequate safeguards, the intrusion is justified. However, when an already intrusive technology is used for non-legitimate reasons, the right to privacy is violated.
An instance when technology is used for non-legitimate reasons is when it is used to commit abuses. The following are the ways in which a CCTV System may be abused by its operator(s):
Criminal Abuse
In using surveillance systems, “bad apples” in the law enforcement authorities are presented with a tempting opportunity for criminal misuse. Criminal abuse refers to the kind of abuse which in itself constitutes a crime or one which results to a commission of a crime. An example is when a top-ranking police official in Washington, D.C. was caught using police databases to maliciously gather information of patrons of a gay club. License plate numbers of cars parked at the club were captured and by researching on the background
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