The Importance Of The Skid Counselor Training Model

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Professional counselors are very compassionate and caring people who tend to put others needs before their own, which can lead to burnout. Burnout comes from stress within the job. Maintaining awareness of stressors for counselors is very important. Some ways to know that you’re burning out is when it seems you’re dragging yourself into work, give advice as a shortcut rather than helping clients, begin sessions late and/or end early, doze off during sessions, experience a decline in empathy, do things against the ethical code, push your theory amongst clients rather than listening and changing your approach for the betterment of the clients and even when one feels relieved when clients cancel scheduled appointments. Using self-assessment and plan coping strategies plays a big part in counselors self-evaluating themselves. And the SCTM helps counselors enhance their skills. The Skilled-Counselor Training Model (SCTM) was developed by incorporating training of both low and high-level counseling skills through having trainees learn about, observe, and perform skills, and then self-assess as well as receive peer and instructor feedback (Urbani et al., 2002). Research has found the SCTM approach to reliably improve trainee counseling skills (Smaby et al., 1999), lead to skill transfer into work with actual clients (Schaefle, Smaby, Maddux, & Cates, 2005), and enhance counselor self-efficacy (Urbani et al., 2002). The Skilled Counseling Training Model (SCTM) is a training program

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