The Importance Of The Social Construction Of Childhood

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In the contemporary world, there is no standard definition of a child due to the ambiguity of the status. Therefore, the concept of being a child can be viewed from multiple perspectives in a bid to develop standard definition. Another critical aspect of the definition of the child is that it depends on the circumstances as well as history. A person’s conceptualization of a child is affected by the socialization. In turn, the social construction of the concept of a child means that one meaning cannot be applicable across the globe; this, discourses determine the views about childhood. However, despite the ambiguity that characterizes the concept of a child and youth, James and Sprout (2015) defined as social relationships resulting from a negotiated process which constitutes the early years of one’s life. Through this conceptualization, it is apparent that culture influences childhood. This paper explores the importance of the societal construction of childhood as well as evaluated its implications on children. One of the ways how the society sees children is the historical view characterized by three major aspects. Historically, the society may perceive children through romantic discourse. In this light, the community views children as innocent human beings who are not capable of committing evil. Being naive, the children are not capable of protecting themselves from other humans. The innocence view considers them as helpless and requiring protection from the senior
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