The Importance Of The Sociocultural Environment

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Sociocultural factors are the social and cultural influences in a society that play a part in shaping who a person becomes. These factors are universal, but they have varying effects on lives from one community to another. In the city of Santa Rosa, Texas, the sociocultural environment introduces both threats and strengths that will impact the development of individuals and their families.
While all cities have their weaknesses, Santa Rosa particularly is plagued by high levels of poverty, a poor education system, and the rising potential for neighborhood violence. Known as one of the poorest cities in Texas, Santa Rosa has an unemployment rate of about 9.9%, and an even higher level of poverty at 54.8% (Areavibes, 2017). These values are significantly higher than those of any other Texas cities, and, as a result, the individuals living here tend to face developmental challenges. When a child is in an environment such as this, they can begin to feel as if their life is unstable. They may not have the promise of three wholesome meals a day, and they may not have the resources for essential items, such as clothing and school supplies. In addition, in many low income homes, parents are forced to work long hours, leaving the children at home to care for themselves, and possibly their siblings. As a result of exposure to circumstances such as these, children can begin to develop conditions such as anxiety and depression, which can affect them throughout the rest of their lives.
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