The Importance Of The Sun And How We Can Use It Our Benefit?

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Have you considered the importance of the sun and how we could use it to our benefit? The sun has been used for an extremely long time and will continue to be used. Even without us realizing it, the sun is being used everyday of our lives for uses as simple as a light source. However, it could be used for much more. Scientists have been trying to use the sunlight as a way to produce energy. For years, we have used fossil fuels as means to produce electricity. Fossil fuels include resources such as oil, coal, and natural gas, which are non-renewable energy sources. These have slowly ruined and polluted our planet but now, people have turned to renewable energy to make your planet better again. Renewable energy sources include, solar,…show more content…
Solar energy has always been used in many different ways even if it was not used as renewable energy to produce electricity. The U.S Department of Energy (DOE), working towards solving environmental, energy, and nuclear problems within the U.S, points out in a timeline that dating back to the seventh century, the sun was used to produce fire with the use of mirrors for religion ceremonies and heat. This simple use of the sun slowly but surely escalated as centuries began to pass until it was not used for only light and heat. Early scientists were curious about the topic of solar energy. Their curiosity was the beginning of an exploration that would later propel the earth towards recovery. DOE continued to list the early achievements in solar energy by revealing that in 1883, “Charles Fritts, an American inventor, described the first solar cells made from selenium wafers.” Then, in 1891, Clarence Kemp, a Baltimore inventor, “...patented the first commercial solar water heater.”. Curiosity fueled the minds of these early explorers of solar energy. It is shown through their interest in further exploring what the sun’s energy could be used for. Without curiosity and interest, this topic would not have been delved into at all. Their curiosity jump started the enthusiasm that would soon
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