The Importance Of The Three Skills Interpersonal Communication Skills

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The purpose of the report is to establish the importance of the three skills interpersonal communication skills; listening, feedback, and questioning. Benefits of each of these interpersonal skills within the field of engineering were also stated. This report collected information from a range of peer reviewed sources and credible sources related to the field of engineering. This report has outlined a variety of benefits and explanations regarding the three interpersonal communication skills of listening, feedback and questioning and how the relate to the field of engineering. Both the limitations and recommendations for incorporating the skills into the field engineering were discussed. when the depth of the subject was explored it was found that there was a strong like between these three interpersonal skills, listening involves a great depth of understanding and clarifying what is said not just listening to what some has to say. This has a link to questioning as when adequate questions were asked it was found that listening, attentiveness and depth of understanding increased, this intern relates to feedback as it is a type of questioning and that when constructive feedback was given significant improvements in the quality of work completed. Therefore the interpersonal communication skill set is vital to the engineering workplace and it should be implemented to receive desired and improved results. This report recommends that regular meetings should be
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