The Importance Of The Tower Of Pisa

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The Tower of Pisa is a major cite in Italy due to its natural, but not intended, lean. The bell tower stands at close to one hundred ninety feet tall with one side noticeable being shorter than the other. The reason for the lean of the tower is due to the soil and weight distribution. The weight of the building is so heavy and the soil itself was not very stable. (Urban Climatology). The stair case on the inside of the bell tower is made of marble and took over three hundred years to be completely built. Marble was a material that was used by ancient Greece that eventually ended up being used by not only them, but the rest of the world also. Marble is a very smooth, hard substance that is usually a sign of wealth. (Lezzerini). “Important to catch their dynamic response to natural actions in general, and also to assess the effects due to pedestrian and users, and consequently to define functional capabilities and levels of acceptable dynamic stress. The studied structure was subject to artificial loading by synchronous movement of about 20 people.” (Piroddi). This is stating that the tower may have been affected with a lean due to people walking amongst it. Not only can soil and the building itself have an impact on the buildings overall structure but people walking in it can also dramatically affect it. Although the tower being on a lean is a fantastic thing to look at, its main purpose was to be a bell tower for the near by cathedral. As the Tower of Pisa has a lean, it is
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