The Importance Of The Various Levels Of Government And Elected Bodies By Providing Information Of Local, National And European Government

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For this assignment, I will outline the responsibilities of the various levels of government and elected bodies by providing information of local, national and European government. In my assignment, I will also include some hierarchical diagrams.
Everything we do or decide is influenced by politics. In the UK, there are many different levels of Government that have an impact on our lives. One of these levels is the European Union. The three main EU Institution are the European Commission, which promotes the common interest and the current president of the European Commission is Jose Manuel Barroso; the European Council and the Council, which is the voice of the Members States and the current president of the European Council is Herman Van Rompuy; the European Parliament that although is not part of the UK levels of government, it has a significant impact on European Union citizens. The European Parliament, together with the Council, debates and passes European laws and adopts the EU’s budget. The European Parliament has 736 members who represents all 27 members’ states of the EU. Its main role is to delegate legislation on issues such as transport, environment, equal opportunities and movement of workers and goods. In conclusion, the European Parliament is the voice of the people. The president of the European Parliament is Martin Schutz.
In the UK Parliament, the main body is the Central Government, which is responsible for the health and safety of people as it maintains
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