The Importance Of Tourism In India

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India is a place located in the southern part of the Asia. It is the 7th largest country geographically. It is the only country in the world which has an ocean named on it (Indian Ocean). It is also known as a multicultural diversity, where you can find people following a lot of different religions. Since Independence in 1947, India maintained cordial relations with a lot of different nations. India has a great heritage of historical place like the Taj Mahal,
Various Forts, Natural sites etc. Since 2000 tourism industry has been giving a number of benefits to India. The number of foreign tourists visited India which has given foreign exchange earning to the Country[1].

In this research paper, we will find out how people from other countries rate India as a tourism place. The novel The Hungry Tide by Amitav Ghosh is based on a girl who visits India in search of an endangered river named ‘Dolphin’ for a research project. When she came at a place called Sunderbans a mangrove forest which splits the West Bengal in India and Bangladesh, where she met Fokir who claimed that he saw a very rare species of dolphin in the river and agreed to help Piya in her project. They both were facing the communication problem as they both tend to speak two different languages. Then on her way in transit Piya met a guy named Kanai Dutt, a wealthy translator, and businessman who also agreed to help Piya as a translator and accompanied them to find that endangered species of dolphin.

Delhi, the
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