The Importance Of Tourism

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I am pleased to be appointed as the head of the tourism department of Qingdao. The city welcomes visitors from anywhere. About why someone should visit.There are various reasons .1. Forget one person.
2. Expect a heart mate.3. Beautiful encounter.4. Relax and find yourself.5. Hearts on the road.6. Find an inspiration.7. Release stress in your work life.8.For parents or for children, to achieve one of their wishes.9.Without purpose, simply want to go out and walk around and have a look. Tourism is an important way and way for people to relax themselves and adjust their work life. The more busy they are, the more attractive their tourism is. Travel is human nature. Journey is the cradle of genius. Only in the journey, the talent of
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Because the water is clear, the beach is smooth, and its sand is fine, like powder, it is golden, so its name is golden beach. Moreover, Jinshatan is one of the most sandy beaches in China with the largest area and the most beautiful scenery. It is called "the first beach in Asia". As the summer bathing beach, Jinshatan's biggest bright color is its unique and even rare sandy delicate, golden color and golden sand"[4]. The third one is Catholic Church .The Church of Motona Masamiya Earl in Qingdao, designed by German designer, Bi Si, based on Gothic and Rome style architecture. The church should be high 100 meters, coincides with the outbreak of World War II, Hitler prohibited the German domestic capital outflows, the church had to modify the drawings, the completion of the current scale. The church was founded in 1932[5].
About what they should do and how they should prepare?Go out to travel with some commonly used drugs, because travel will inevitably encounter some unexpected circumstances, if you take a small packet, be prepared. Pay attention to road safety, sometimes dangerous to travel through some area attractions, such as dense forest on steep slopes, Cliff Road, jet hole so deep, in these dangerous areas, to try to go hand in hand, do not go alone adventure. Speak civilized and courteous, and be courteous to others at all times and
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