The Importance Of Traditional Liberal Arts

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In America, there has been many people that question the importance of including traditional liberal arts within our own education. Within this controversy, there have been many voices that have spoken up. One voice happened to be Sanford Ungar, author, and previous liberal arts president at Goucher College in Maryland. Ungar believes that Americans are steering away from the traditional liberal education. Choosing educational paths that lead them on a one way career path, and not realizing what a liberal education has to offer. Some Americans believe that liberal arts has become irrelevant in today’s society, however, “ A 2009 survey for the Association of American Colleges and Universities actually found that more than three-quarters of our nation’s employers recommend that college bound students pursue a liberal education” ( Ungar 228). By providing this information, Ungar urges Americans to open up their minds to the pursuit of a liberal arts education. With that being said, there were others who had different opinions.
W.H Brady Scholar, political scientist, and author, Charles Murray, expresses his own thoughts. It is said that liberal education is part of Core Knowledge. Some even say that everyone residing in the United States needs to know the ins and outs of Core Knowledge. Regardless of what others say, in Murray’s eyes, people have a choice. The author Murray, emphasizes that the material covered in liberal arts is for people who enjoy that subject of
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