The Importance Of Traditional Medicine In Nigeria

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Nigeria is the most crowded nation in Africa, it is in the west coast of Africa. It has about 120 million people living there, is the largest group of Africans Ireland. Nigeria is a federal republic country and has 37 states, which practice strict Muslim laws in 12 of the states. It’s considered to be the world’s 32nd largest country. The north side of the country is the Hausa and the Fulanses, the more dominated part, the west is the Yorubas, then the east is the Igbos and Calabaro. (Nigeria, 2013). In Nigeria conditions of living and healthcare aren’t good. Compared to other parts of Africa the HIV and AIDS percentages are low. From time to time the country gets attacked with outbreaks of sleeping sicknesses and cholera also malaria. Many Nigerians will use some type of ritual to try to cure illnesses. Often using witch craft, voodoo. Nigerians often believe that illnesses are caused by bad spirits. Traditional medicine, as is well known, is a cultural gem of various communities around the world and incorporates all kinds of folk medicine, unconventional medicine and indeed any kind of therapeutic method that had been handed down by the tradition of a community or ethnic group. (Common Wealth Health, 2017). In Nigeria there are some plants that are used for medical purposes to relieve pain, treat infections also used for asthma, peptic ulcers and other medical conditions. Manufacturing and production of these medical pants are done by in state companies. Africa is
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