The Importance Of Training And Management Development

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This research paper seeks to provide a broad spectrum from the employer viewpoint on the importance of using training and management development. The paper includes the fundamental basics of training, good managerial skills within an organization as well as how to incorporate new trainees into an organization. It also highlights on the behavioral and cognitive methods of training and development. Behavioral method includes basket techniques, equipment simulators, roles plays and business games while the cognitive method entails lectures, demonstrations, discussions and computer based training (CBT).
The two major parts of development, off –the-job and on-the-job training have also been discussed intensively. Off-the-job highlights case studies, simulations, lectures, sensitivity training, transaction analysis, and audio visuals while on-the-job utilizes coaching, mentoring, job rotation, and job instruction technique (JIT).testing for training and development, coaching, conference methods have also been discussed. This is an in depth of the merits of having training and development programs to help boost continuity. This document will give you clear guidelines of what to do as an organization to improve productivity. Managers can also improve the managerial skills and good relations with the other workers in the organization.

Training and Management development is a branch within an organization that is geared towards reducing randomness as
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