The Importance Of Training Courses In The Department Of Family And Protective Services

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Introduction: This document summarizes the attached records on the abundance of training courses offered throughout the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS). There are currently over 30 courses that are facilitated by members of the Center for Learning and Organizational Excellence (CLOE) for the purposes of leadership certification. Of these courses there are three required courses by the Legislature. As a governmental agency, there is a matrix for the each program’s required courses to gain the certification as a supervisor. Each program has specific training requirements that have commonalities in subjects but not titles. This approach does not resemble the commercial “for profit” nor other government leadership training…show more content…
The listed courses from outside agencies as compared to the current program listing are only a portion of what is maintained on the current course listing. Process: 1. Course Identification. After participating in the courses and reviewing the descriptions and objectives there were multiple similarities discovered. Once CPS, APS, SWI and CCL courses were compared side by side multiple courses with the same objectives were discovered with different course titles. This causes duplicate objective being taught in multiple classes. 2. Outside Identification. Between classes leadership information requirements were requested from several other companies and agencies to provide a varied benchmark of a more consolidated list of required leadership courses. 3. Course Comparison. After compiling a list of the required courses for DFPS program areas and the outside entities the evidence of over training became evident. 4. Results: This research has compared multiple lists of required courses to produce the best possible outcome with the least amount of required training in addition to and in keeping with the legal requirements of the Legislature maximizing training efficiency. Recommendations: After all of the course information was consolidated and the different lists were compared it is imperative that the leadership certification course list
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