The Importance Of Transformational Leadership And The Key Skills Used

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Decision making essay resit: To support discharge home for end of life care. This essay aims to look at the authors role (a third year student nurse on an elderly ward) in regards to a decision making scenario in which an eighty six year old lady is severely unwell and the decision to support discharge home for end of life care needs to be made. The decision to discharge Barbara home was to be decided upon by the multi-disciplinary team (MDT) and therefore this essay will look into how the decision was made, the role of the author and team as well as the factors that facilitated the decision. It will explore a range of decision making models before identifying the one used (cognitive continuum) and evaluating whether or not it was…show more content…
At a recent yearly routine appointment to dilate her urostomy she was informed that she had kidney stones and was awaiting further guidance. After arriving in A&E blood tests and further assessments were completed and it quickly became clear Barbara had a kidney infection, fluids and antibiotics were administered. Two days after admission Barbara showed no signs of improvement and continued to slip in and out of consciousness, at this stage the family were told to prepare for the worst. After Barbara was diagnosed with bladder cancer herself and husband Peter both decided to include do not resuscitate forms (DNR) as part of their will. It was stipulated that if Barbara was going to die Peter wanted her to be at home surrounded by family and friends. This was something that he and the family said Barbara would have wanted. Due to Barbara deteriorating quite quickly the ward sister held an emergency MDT meeting and it was agreed that they would aim to get Barbara home by the following day. This aim was met and two days later Barbara passed away peacefully at home in her sleep. In order for Barbara to return home a variety of decisions had to be made. The aim of these important decisions being to promote positive patient outcomes (Benner, Hughes and Sutphen, 2008). Standing (2014) reports that learning skills and knowledge used within nursing should not be secondary to developing decision making skills, and that in theory decisions should be
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