The Importance Of Transportation In Canada

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Toronto is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada; transportation is heart-beat to it. City of Toronto has a better transportation system such as; RT Train, TTC Subway lines, and buses, Go transit and buses, all need to improve. In order to do that all three government should work together, it is their responsibility, they should contribute fund as much as they can and they should provide reliable and affordable transportation. Providing efficient transportation is all three governments’ responsibility. Interruption in rush hour commute. Recently, TTTC subway lines were broken; gas leakage electrical and commuting delay even subway lines closed for several hour for repair. Some bus routes don’t have enough service. I used the line in North York, I had a hard time to get to the bus on time to get to pale subway. The buses were crowded especially in the rush hours. I could feel the breath of the passenger who was standing next to me face to face. The city needs more buses and street cars. According to TTC, last winter, many street cars were pulled out from service because they were very old their mechanism…show more content…
Affordable far is necessary. Last year, municipal government introduced Union Pearson Express service over priced and later produced because people weren’t able to pay. Work together with neighbours. GTA has transportation partners, TTC, Mississauga transit, YRT, DRT should work together and all level of government must be involved to monitor and provide support to these service providers. It is beneficial for them. Public transportation is ruling government commissure during the election period. They should keep the promises about the transportation; if they fail to keep it they might lose the battle in the election. Indeed all three governments should share the financial need for the transportation system in the mean theme they should work together with transit commission in the
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